Julien Vuagniaux, 26 years old

A professional saddler, I fabricate leather objects such as bags, cases for ancient musical instruments and also work often in historic reconstitution, demonstrating leather work in a 15th century setting during medieval festivals or castle visits (Gruyères, Grandson, Haut-Koenigsbourg…)

My experience of navigating is good as I have been sailing on Lake Geneva since the age of 10, participating 7 times in the 'Golden Bowl' on the ship 'Emotions' belonging to Mr Zanerelli. I have also sailed in the region of the Lofotens, once in Autumn and the following year in winter, on the 'Anna Rogde', a 36metre, 130 years old sailingschooner.

I play the bagpipes and the flute with the Celtic-Rock band 'Pao', who interpret traditional and folk music.

I have worked as a diver, as an actor and extra more or less everywhere in the world with the company 'Aquateam' who produce films and documentaries concerning marine animals.

The group Pao

François Rossel, 29 years old

Ethnologist by education, I also cook, am a musician and writer. The writing of a book on the Viking presence in Spain is the source of my motivation to board this Knarr so that I can experience for myself what these northern merchants went through during the Middle Ages.

I travelled the road to Compostella alone, later with my donkey Kalima for company, playing the bagpipes as a means of survival along the 5000 Km of this journey.

Book "A fleur de terre" (in French only)

Florence Sainsard

Costumes maker and illuminated letters painter, I came because I share with François and Julien their passion for reconstitution and past times, but also to join the captain who is my life partner.

Bastien Archier

I am the new crew-member on "Fenrir"! Usually I work to the confection of accessories and pieces of historical and "fantastic" dresses (leather, woven...).

So I have left Broceliande, the legendary forest in Brittany - where I live - to keep to the side of the Irish coasts. I have already stridden the island by land, now I'll be discovering it by sea...

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