Back in Switzerland  02.11.2003

After Ireland, some days in my family in Belgium, before coming back in Switzerland. I met with pleasure my family and my friends and I'm looking for a job and a place to stay.
All that is done in peace and serenity.
Thank you again for all of you who helped us along our journey. Wish you all the best.

The last week in Ireland  09.10.2003

Two weeks in Gallway, two days walk in the Kerry, around Kilarney, and its beautiful lake. Now, I'm in Cork.

back home!  04.10.2003

Back home, finally, after a little walk in the Wicklows and their monastery, Dublin and its museum, Britany and the swiss mountains

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last day sailing...  18.09.2003

after being back from the viking market, we tried to go further south heading to dublin, but the winds are definitivly South west now...

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Ardglass.  11.09.2003

We are now in Ardglass, home port for the irish vikings we met in Gudvangen, music and this week end we go to a viking market in Swords, near Dublin.

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After Ballycastle, Glenarm and Larne  05.09.2003

First days for Bastien who handle it very well, even no northern wind.
Glenarm, viking friendly marina and Larne, a nice Yacht club where we could sleep in a good shelter...

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LDerry/Northern Ireland  03.09.2003

LondonDerry. London for the protestants, Derry for the catholics. I hadn't thought to stop here, but I finf a lot of what I was looking for. Libraries with historical, archeological and theological books, traditionnal music in the pub at night. I've been invited by Mike, a friend I met in the Ballycastle's fair. He's a sound engineer and we're going to records some music this afternoon. Thank you to all the musicians I've met since my entry in Ireland. I hope being able to play some irish tune...

Flo and Julien in Eire  31.08.2003

After we left Francois, the hitchiking was so good that we had to reach Derry in a bus.
We payed and sung a little in front of a shopping centre and John, Karen and Eille went to drive us to their home in donegal

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northern Irland  29.08.2003

after a quiet hard crossing , we reached Ballycastle safe and sound.
we were ther just in time for the "lammas fair", the oldest fair in irland, music, in the streets and evening sessions in the pubs.
Take over of th e new crew
Francois in (london)DERRY.
Julien and Flo are by an Irish musician, visiting the donegal and else

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Islay by bad weather  17.08.2003

Yesterday, we could see Irland, from Islay, but today it has disapeard.

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Eire, so close, so far  13.08.2003

Holidays in Skye, music in Fort William. Gonna be hard to reach Irland!

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The Caledonian canal  07.08.2003

No sight of Nessie. one birthday party ful of nice meetings. How to deal a cannal fee when totally broken. Hollydays in Skye .

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hello, Scotland!  26.07.2003

Good crossing onboard the cargo, the weather is nice with us for our first days in Scotland. a lot of rowing for reaching inverness, but ther we are! Heading for the Caledonian canal, forgoty the north cape, with it's currents to 7 knots, it's waves and it's pirates...

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Sob! We are leaving Bergen and Norway  17.07.2003

So good to live in Bergen and to meet you all in Gudvangen. The sun was with us, nice people all around. Really thank you Atla and Jette for the home you gave me for a while. I will come again and welcome you in the cows country.
Inger Lise! Really happy to know you're with us in mind. I can imagine the spectale of you're hair in the wind and look forward seeing it again...

Vikingmarket in Gudvangen  14.07.2003

always in Bergen. little trip to Gudvangen and we participate to the first viking market. leaving for scotland friday and hope in Aberdeen on sunday.

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looking for a crew  07.07.2003

thanks for your offers, but for the month of september, i got enough peopple to complete my crew( i like saying it like this, seems like i got a big ship with at least 20 crew members...)
but i'll keep your proposition for crossing the channel... later in the next spring.

Bergen, on the quest for the magic cargo  05.07.2003

We will stay for a few days in this city, to have time to find a place on a cargo going to scotland, and to go to a viking meeting a bit more north, having Fenrir on a trailer...
we play every days on the streets of this big and crowded city.

come to Giske, you'll be welcome!  23.06.2003

Ronald, chief officer of a coastal maintenance ship, met in Rørvik invited us to his island,Giske where they play every two years a viking theatre, in an open sky arena, build by the peopple of the island.

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WANTED!! i'm looking for a new crew september  19.06.2003

Im looking for a new crew to replace Francois who is leaving in Irland.
end of august and september!
every one's welcome, tell it to other's!!

ålesund  19.06.2003

sail the ship, arrived to ålesund, where we are waiting to go to giske, to see a theatre about the vikings.
every things ok, but we loos the Kristiansund expedition.

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Tak Trondheim. Thank you Throndeim.  08.06.2003

After rørvic, the nice weather days asked by me, julien, came. Meeting with little dolphins, a seal, riding the sea, pushed by a little storm to reach Trondheim.
Many meetings, peopple from the harbour, neighbors, streets peopple , blacksmith, stones carver, windows makers, who are restauring the cathedral and some role players and the local Bikers from different MC clubs ( Harleys, from Ruthless Mc, Lady bikers...)

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I don´t want to wait!  30.05.2003

I really can´t support to wait for the wind...

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7 sailing days ... short cuts from the book  24.05.2003

7 days since we left Bodø, a very interessant sailing between little islands waterways

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music in Brønøysund  24.05.2003

Aegir was with us nearly all the day, allowing us to cover a big distance to be in a town for playing a saturday.

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the maelstøm is far behind..  19.05.2003

the saltstraumen was not a big deal, when you´re there at the good time....Arrived at 2 in the morning in the town of Bodø, where we played some music for the following weeks. First night in a small island.

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sjøsetting av FENRIS ( Launcing of FENRIR)  14.05.2003

Saturday afternoon, a big crowd was gathering at the Kai Linde's shipyard, to join the name party and to help to carry the ship to the water for her first touch...

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Pictures of the launching  14.05.2003

A dozen of pictures of the ship launching inaugurate a new page which will be completed during the journey and as I receive images. If you have pictures of our brave Vikings, you can send them to me.

excursion in Bodø  06.05.2003

Little trip to Bodø to make music in the street and earn some money.

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sail with a square sail  30.04.2003

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first thanks  25.04.2003

we want to thanks our friends and familly for their support befor and now by their messages, we also want to thanks Passe Montagnes in lausanne for the sleeping bags and over-bags, paid by mr. Grønbjerg from Hydro,Bucher&walt for the price on our equipment and Frederik from Sailing Team in Brussels for the life jaquets and the suits, without forgeting all the very friendly peopple who takes us from the streets to give us a roof and a meal for a while, they begin to be quiet a lot!!!

daily life in Rognan  24.04.2003

Oiling again and again, rowing, sailing, sewing, leather working, music, singing, cooking.

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Anna Rogde, schooner from 1868  16.04.2003

We are back from a 5 days trip around the Lofoten islands,sailing on a two masts schooner from 1868.

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Oil it!  09.04.2003

In Rognan, the nigts are quite fresh and the days sunny. We pass our days painting and oiling. Julien is making a wooden box to put our things. We hope to borrow a boat those next days and begin to try our rowing muscles.

In Oslo  06.04.2003

Driving through oslo. Tomorrow morning heading north for 1200 km ...
The custom was a bit fun when trying to explain what we are supposed to do in norway...


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