Some papers related to the project, published in local, national or international press.

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The Press and Journal, July 22nd, 2003

(in English)

Travel Solutions, July 9th, 2003

(in French)

Bergens Tidende, July 4th, 2003

(in Norwegian)

Øy-Blikk, June 26th, 2003

(in Norwegian)

Ytringen, June 23rd, 2003

(in Norwegian)

Ytringen, June 13th, 2003

(in Norwegian)

(122 KB)

Avisa Nordland, May 13th, 2003

(in Norwegian)

Saltenposten, May 13th, 2003

Read the paper on the newspaper's web site (in Norwegian)

Travel Solutions,May 6th, 2003

(in French)


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